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Game week 6 was dull, wasn’t it? We are hoping that this was just a lull in the season and the fixtures in game week 7 will please us again. We are here this week to give you Pikked’s game week 7 predictions.

Game Week 6 Roundup

Manchester United vs Chelsea was the fixture we were all looking forward to in game week 6. Nevertheless, the encounter did not thrill at all. Marcus Rashford was put through on goal from a well-timed pass from Bruno Fernandes, yet a save form Chelsea’s new goalkeeper with his foot kept the ball out.

Marcus Rashford is being branded as a darling in the media for fighting against the British political hierarchy. Yet, his efforts of the pitch are not thwarting his performance on the pitch. He was Manchester United’s standout player and almost won the game late on with a strike heading for the top corner, nonetheless, the brilliant Mendy tipped it round the post to keep the game level.

Chelsea had a stonewall penalty turned down, when Harry Maguire manhandled Cesar Azpilicueta in the area. VAR was checked but astonishingly nothing given. Apart from that, the game was dreary. Both teams looked nowhere near like they are going to challenge this season. Poor game.

Leeds surprised the Premier League landscape on the first of the weekend fixtures. Bielsa’s side is bringing excitement to the league and the biggest surprise package is Patrick Bamford. Bamford has been slandered throughout his career as a lazy forward who cannot finish. Touted by some as a championship player, he is starting to prove his critics wrong. A superb hat-trick which displayed that Bamford can score all types of goals propelled Leeds up the league. Aston Villa, on the other hand, were very disappointing, there perfect start to the season is finished.

Poor Pikking again.

In our game week 6 predictions, we chose the following:

Aston Villa to beat Leeds

Brighton to beat West Brom

Crystal Palace to beat Fulham

One correct prediction for us, maybe we should stop trying to give you tips each week…

Game week 7 predictions

Manchester United to beat Arsenal

A controversial choice we know, but we are yet to pick Manchester United. The Red Devils usually show up against The Gunners. Mikel Arteta’s team have looked uninventive lately and the form of Aubameyang is worrying. Therefore, we think Manchester United have shown enough through Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford to hurt Arsenal.

Tottenham to beat Brighton

Tottenham is the inform team in the Premier League at the moment. Against Burnley, on Monday night they showed that they can win ugly. Kane and Son continued with their great partnership and we think Spurs could run riot this weekend. We would love to see Bale, Son and Kane start for Mourinho’s side. This could be the weekend where they flex their muscles again. No hope for Brighton!

Fulham to beat West Brom

We love Scott Parker here at Pikked. He always gives an honest opinion of his players performance. Fulham has been well below par this season, but we think that Parker’s grit could push The Cottagers over the line this weekend. West Brom, on the other hand, secured an impressive draw with Brighton and have picked up points against Chelsea already this season. Nonetheless, we are backing Mitrovic to put his slow start to the season behind him and score a brace this weekend. Fulham win.

Game week 7 please be good to us!

We are hoping that our predictions come into fruition this weekend. Albeit ultimately, we are hoping for a more exciting weekend all round.

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The Pikked team.

In this week’s article, we want to tell you how Pikked was born and how we vision this footballing prediction platform to look in the future. 


Pikked was created by our founder Jeff Hammond. When working long shifts in sales, Jeff often had conversations with work colleagues about Fantasy Premier League. 

‘The office was full of banter, and the competition brought the workplace together.’ 

Even though Jeff enjoyed jibing his workmates when he had a good game-week and took onslaught of abuse on a Monday morning when his chosen players were abysmal, Jeff spotted that not everyone could join in the conversation. 

‘Even colleagues who had teams in the league looked bewildered if fantasy football was mentioned.’

Jeff spotted a problem. Not everyone could join in the conversation. The restraints of the long season, injuries to players and double game-weeks dumbfounded some of his colleagues. 

‘People were left out of the conversation or annoyed that Fantasy Premier League was too difficult to get their head around. I wanted to create a simple but strategic football prediction platform for the casual football fan. Yet, I believe it is important to keep it as competitive as possible.’

Our Founder Jeff Hammond


By predicting just three games a week, this will keep users engaged, Jeff thought. With this in mind, a developer was contacted to make his idea come to life. As the ball started rolling (no pun intended), other ideas followed:

A competitive transfer window where users can buy and sell to friends, colleagues and Pikked community.

  1. Extra boosts to make for a variety of different outcomes when predicting.

  2. Extra boosts to make for a variety of different outcomes when predicting.

  3. Pick only the same team once a month.

These ideas are unprecedented in any other football predicting platform and make Pikked unique. Not only are players hoping that their predictions are correct, but other factors such as trading boosters, implementing the correct boosters and planning your predictions well in advance will decide Pikked’s champion. 

From here, with some help, Jeff created an online presence for Pikked and the game came to life on Pikked’s website

Unfortunately, Pikked came into fruition just a few weeks before the beginning of the 2020/21 season. However, with an experienced marketing team on board, Pikked managed to amass a wealth of users in just six days. 

These results proved to Jeff and the rest of the Pikked team that there is a space for this predicting platform to be played alongside Fantasy Premier League. 


You may be rubbing your eyes when reading that Pikked wants to be friends with Fantasy Premier League, but this is, in fact, the truth. We envision users to fiddle around with their Fantasy Premier League teams all week, whilst also judging what teams to pick for the victory that week. 

We understand the popularity of Fantasy Premier League as it has been ingrained in our hearts since it was founded in 1999. We love it too. 

Hell, fantasy Premier League is the reason why Pikked was born. Nevertheless, we hope to include the masses—the casual football fans. We believe predicting football games is easy, yet having the luck and skill to do this each week is rare, especially in England’s top-flight.


We have been trying our upmost to get our app rolled out onto both Android and iPhone. Nevertheless, this was a difficult task to complete before the 2020/21 season. However, we are excited to announce that the app is currently being tweaked and will most definitely be ready to play in the 2021/22 season. 

This accessibility will undoubtedly make Pikked grow, and we are excited to see more players involved in the 2021/22 Premier League season. 


We want to thank everyone who has signed up already, and we promise to bring you the most exciting football prediction game on the market. 

Our vision is to make the Premier League weekend fixtures exciting for all. We want to create a conversation, impose banter, and most of all, make football enjoyable for everyone!

If you haven’t already make sure you follow us on all of our social platforms Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where we promise to entertain, enthuse and most of all help you pick your predictions successfully (we hope).

If you like our content, we promise to deliver a weekly article which will keep you in tune with the upcoming Premier League fixtures. These articles will tell you who you should and should not pick each week. 

Keep an eye out and make sure you pick Pikked.  

Dear Pikked Players,

Game week 5 was full of joy, but that’s in the past, we are here to give you Pikked’s game week 6 predictions. 

Game Week 5 Roundup

The Merseyside Derby didn’t disappoint. Four goals, a red card and a snapped ACL. Did we mention that a 93rd-minute winner from Jordan Henderson was chalked out for being offside? Yet, Saido Mane’s arching run was in line with the last defender to the naked eye. Nevertheless, the Toffee’s remain above their neighbours in the league after the 2-2 draw.

Spurs looked scintillating, yet, a contender for goal of the season thwarted their celebrations. Manuel Lanzini’s strike stunned Mourinho’s men and David Moyes threw some 'dad dance' moves on the touchline. West Ham are unbeaten in three.

Manchester United regained similar form from the back of last season, blowing the magpies away at St. James’ Park. Bruno Fernandes ran riot again, helping to silence the critics who call him ‘Bruno PENandes.’ He did, in fact, miss his first penalty wearing red yet managed to rally the troops to a flattering 4-1 victory.  

Pikked cannot predict…

In our game week 5 prediction we predicted the following:

Tottenham Hotspur to beat West Ham

Chelsea to beat Southampton 

Sheffield United to beat Fulham.

How wrong were we… Let’s hope the following predictions come into fruition this week.

Game Week 6 Predictions

Aston Villa to beat Leeds. 

Aston Villa are on a great run of form. The midfield trio of Barkley, McGinn and Luiz look one of the most balanced in the league. Martinez, Mings and Konsa make up an impressive spine, whilst Jack Grealish is good enough on his day to get into any side in the league. It could be an exciting season for Villa this year and although Leeds will give them a fierce challenge, we think the claret and blue will come out on top.

Brighton to beat West Brom.

Graeme Potter’s men have played some easy on the eye, expansive football this season. With Ben White coming back from Leeds, Trossard running the channels and Maupay hitting the back of the net regularly, the Seagulls look good value. West Brom, on the other hand, have struggled to pick up points on the road. A win for Brighton, surely?

Crystal Palace to beat Fulham. 

Fulham are not firing on all cylinders since being promoted to the dizzy heights of the Premier League. Yet again, Scott Parker will be thrilled with his teams dominant second-half performance against Sheffield United. Palace are however different competition to Sheffield United. They are rigid at the back and have fluidity up top. Wilfred Zaha can hurt any team in the league, and we expect he will hit Fulham hard. A win for Roy Hodgson’s men!

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There we have it, our predictions for game week 6, let’s hope we get a better result than last week. 

If you haven’t picked your predictions yet, hewn what are you doing? And be sure to sign your friends and family members up to test the waters before next season!

Happy pikking and regards,

The Pikked Team.


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