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Pikked:How to play

Pikked is an alternative football prediction game where you can use the transfer market and special boosts to ramp up your score predictions. In this article, we will explain how to play. This new take on Premier League prediction is sure to get you hooked. Pikked combines fantasy football and Premier League score predictions where you can join a league with your friends, work colleagues, or family.


As we all know, the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world; therefore, predicting the results of matches can be a headache. If you think you can predict a Premier League upset or are strategic enough to predict fixtures well in advance, then Pikked is the game for you.


Unlike Fantasy football, Pikked caters not only to the football fanatic but also to casual football fans. Pikked requires a creative approach with transfers, strategical planning to pinpoint fixtures later in the season, and the courage to Pikk a giant-killing.


This easy to use online platform and web-app makes football predicting accessible to all. After all, predicting the outcome of three games each week is much easier than worrying about transfers, injuries and game-weeks where teams aren't playing.



How to play?


Sign up over at our home screen, pick your team name, kit colour and the team you support (we will place you against fellow supporters your Premier League side). Once you have selected the above, your team will be entered into the national league .


Once you have entered your team, you will then be able to make your weekly predictions. 

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It might seem simple, especially with the first week of fixtures. However, if you choose Liverpool to beat Leeds on the opening day of the season, then you cannot select Liverpool for a month (28 days). Therefore, Pikked is all about strategy. Working out how you can gain points throughout the season is paramount to winning the league. Never has a footballing platform made you think so far ahead…


How is Pikked different? 


- The unique transfer window allows you to bid on boosters to help you gain more points on your game predictions. 


- Boosters will enable you to earn extra points during a game-week

- Pikked is the most strategic football app on the market where you must plan your predictions precisely


- Caters to the casual football fan

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Pikked boosters




Pikked is unique as there are various boosters which will help you gain more points over your rivals and aid you in your siege up your league tables. Starting with five at the start of the season, managers can acquire up to eleven different boosters beef up their predictions each week. Notwithstanding, boosts can also be bought and traded with other Pikked managers on the transfer market, allowing you to bolster your points. The very real chance to wheel and deal your way through the Premier League season like an alternative Harry Redknapp. Although, we don't recommend turning up to Tottenham training with the window wound down, and Niko Kranjčar in the back.




What do Pikked boosters do?



- Triple points: whatever you achieve on a specific game week, your points get trebled


- 2 extra Pikks: Pikk 5 game predictions instead of the usual 3


- Super draw: You'll get one pick and have to choose a game you think you will end as a draw, but you will gain an extra 10 points


- Points = Goals: Pikk teams as normal, but with this handy boost, you'll also register a point for every goal scored by the sides you have predicted to clinch the win


- Substitution: Second thoughts on your selection? Use a substitute boost to change your chosen team. This must be used 24 hours before the game.


- Hand of God: No, this doesn't include a bushy-haired South American, but it does allow managers to pick any 3 teams, even if you have pikked them in the last 28 days.



Pikked Transfer Market 


Pikked lends itself to the real-life game in many ways. The 'transfer your booster' replicates the transfer market. You can buy extra boosters with real money or bid for them on the transfer market. When someone has bid for your booster, you will receive an inbox notification, and then it's up to you whether you accept, or hold on to the booster to keep the supporters happy.  

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Alternatively, if you have a booster you think someone else can benefit from, you can place it on the transfer market. When accepting a transfer, you will receive coins in place to buy other boosters that you would prefer. Simple…



Why pick Pikked?


Pikked gives you the opportunity to view the Premier League from a different angle. It's not focused on player performance, but more so whether you have the mindset to pick a Premier League upset.


Be strategic, be brave and beat your friends!


Do you think you can predict who wins each weekend? Are you strategic enough to work out the more attractive fixtures later in the month? Are you a casual fan who is fed up of the faff of fantasy football?


Now you know how to play Pikked , give it a try for the 2020/21 Premier League season.