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In this week’s article, we want to tell you how Pikked was born and how we vision this footballing prediction platform to look in the future. 


Pikked was created by our founder Jeff Hammond. When working long shifts in sales, Jeff often had conversations with work colleagues about Fantasy Premier League. 

‘The office was full of banter, and the competition brought the workplace together.’ 

Even though Jeff enjoyed jibing his workmates when he had a good game-week and took onslaught of abuse on a Monday morning when his chosen players were abysmal, Jeff spotted that not everyone could join in the conversation. 

‘Even colleagues who had teams in the league looked bewildered if fantasy football was mentioned.’

Jeff spotted a problem. Not everyone could join in the conversation. The restraints of the long season, injuries to players and double game-weeks dumbfounded some of his colleagues. 

‘People were left out of the conversation or annoyed that Fantasy Premier League was too difficult to get their head around. I wanted to create a simple but strategic football prediction platform for the casual football fan. Yet, I believe it is important to keep it as competitive as possible.’

Our Founder Jeff Hammond


By predicting just three games a week, this will keep users engaged, Jeff thought. With this in mind, a developer was contacted to make his idea come to life. As the ball started rolling (no pun intended), other ideas followed:

A competitive transfer window where users can buy and sell to friends, colleagues and Pikked community.

  1. Extra boosts to make for a variety of different outcomes when predicting.

  2. Extra boosts to make for a variety of different outcomes when predicting.

  3. Pick only the same team once a month.

These ideas are unprecedented in any other football predicting platform and make Pikked unique. Not only are players hoping that their predictions are correct, but other factors such as trading boosters, implementing the correct boosters and planning your predictions well in advance will decide Pikked’s champion. 

From here, with some help, Jeff created an online presence for Pikked and the game came to life on Pikked’s website

Unfortunately, Pikked came into fruition just a few weeks before the beginning of the 2020/21 season. However, with an experienced marketing team on board, Pikked managed to amass a wealth of users in just six days. 

These results proved to Jeff and the rest of the Pikked team that there is a space for this predicting platform to be played alongside Fantasy Premier League. 


You may be rubbing your eyes when reading that Pikked wants to be friends with Fantasy Premier League, but this is, in fact, the truth. We envision users to fiddle around with their Fantasy Premier League teams all week, whilst also judging what teams to pick for the victory that week. 

We understand the popularity of Fantasy Premier League as it has been ingrained in our hearts since it was founded in 1999. We love it too. 

Hell, fantasy Premier League is the reason why Pikked was born. Nevertheless, we hope to include the masses—the casual football fans. We believe predicting football games is easy, yet having the luck and skill to do this each week is rare, especially in England’s top-flight.


We have been trying our upmost to get our app rolled out onto both Android and iPhone. Nevertheless, this was a difficult task to complete before the 2020/21 season. However, we are excited to announce that the app is currently being tweaked and will most definitely be ready to play in the 2021/22 season. 

This accessibility will undoubtedly make Pikked grow, and we are excited to see more players involved in the 2021/22 Premier League season. 


We want to thank everyone who has signed up already, and we promise to bring you the most exciting football prediction game on the market. 

Our vision is to make the Premier League weekend fixtures exciting for all. We want to create a conversation, impose banter, and most of all, make football enjoyable for everyone!

If you haven’t already make sure you follow us on all of our social platforms Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where we promise to entertain, enthuse and most of all help you pick your predictions successfully (we hope).

If you like our content, we promise to deliver a weekly article which will keep you in tune with the upcoming Premier League fixtures. These articles will tell you who you should and should not pick each week. 

Keep an eye out and make sure you pick Pikked.  

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